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Monday, November 28, 2011

153. Duel

Someone asked me the other day, “Why don’t you use dual SIM handset?”
That sounded like a good idea.
For more than a year, I am using two cellphones; two handsets and two service providers.
Because one service provider does not provide range to all the places I have to be.
I keep on carrying both the handsets with me.
I went to a mobile shop and explored. Price was not at all an issue.
I liked one and decided to come back for it sometime later.

When I want something, I somehow always come across ‘the other side’.

I cannot and should not throw away things – especially when they are working.
What do I really need cellphone for? For making and receiving calls.
For sending and receiving messages.
I have a digital camera, so I no more use cellphone camera.
I have very few chosen songs, beyond that I don’t listen to anything – so FM (Radio) is not my priority.
And anyway, one of my handsets has all these facilities – including Bluetooth etc.
I am not happy with the idea of creating electronic waste.
 I really don’t need even one mobile, then why throw two and have the third?

I needed a strong argument for purchasing new dual SIM handset.
I did not have that.
So, I did not purchase.

I left early morning at 6.00 from my friend’s house in Mumbai.
Within ten minutes, I received her call.
She informed me that I had forgotten one of the handsets at her home.
I asked the driver to turn back and gott the handset.
I tell myself::  there is an advantage of having two cell phones.
I could get the information on the other phone.
Imagine if I had only one cell phone and I had forgotten that at her home
– she would not have been able to inform me.

So, better not to purchase dual SIM phone  – I tell myself nth time.

Generally I do not read newspapers. But I picked up a copy of newspaper on 10th November.
The ‘Delhi Times’ supplement of ‘Times of India’ carries a headline:
It describes how a film reveals the link between our cell-phones and
the death of 5 million people and 200,000 rapes in Central Africa.
The documentary is ‘Blood In The Mobile’ by Danish director Frank Poulsen.
Well, I don’t know anything about how mobile is produced and how it works.
But better not to contribute even indirectly to so much of pain and horror in the world.
By the same yardstick, I should not be using many more things. I prepare a list.

So, better not to purchase dual SIM phone – I tell myself once again.

I know the argument and the duel would continue.
I realize that as is my wish, I gather evidence accordingly.
Today I do not really want dual SIM handset and so I am collecting all evidence against that sin.

But who knows, tomorrow if my desire for dual SIM handset becomes strong – the same mind and same intellect would keep on collecting information which will suit my decision.

It has always happened like this and it will continue to happen in the same way.
Intellect is just a means for mind to fulfill its desires.
Intellect almost always surrenders.
The duel continues because the desires have no end.


  1. वृक्षाला वसंतात बहरावं का नाही
    असा कधी प्रश्ना पडत नाही,
    शरदात पानगळ सहन करण्या पलीकडे
    गत्यंतर नसतं ,
    सावलीत गुंड येउन पहुडला,
    तरी त्याला सहन करावं लागतं.
    आणि लाकुडतोड्या आला तर
    पळता येत नाहीच, पण
    त्याचं मनही वळवता येत नाही
    कारण आयुष्य अगदी सरळ असतं .....

    आम्ही इतके सुधारलो ,
    कि प्रत्येक प्रश्नाला
    विचारणारा कोण
    त्याप्रमाणे उत्तर असते,
    चूक का बरोबर
    ह्याचा विचार नाही .
    अशा लोकाना म्हणतात पोलिटीशीयन्स

    प्रत्येक प्रश्नाला अनेक
    अथवा दोन उत्तरं असणं,
    द्विधा अवस्थेत मनात युद्ध खेळणं
    आपल्या स्वार्था प्रमाणे उत्तर शोधणे
    म्हणजे उत्क्रांती किंवा विकास .
    आहे कि नाही मजा ?

  2. that was some argument ... but yes i accept and appreciate the fact that nowadays ppl find cel phones as mere instruments of use... well written :)

  3. Great! Greed is our fundamental problem. A firm stand against the perplexity in this (consumerist) world.

  4. Surangatai, I always feel that the questioning capacity is an asset for human beings.

  5. Menachery, I wonder what I would write if I purchase a new cellphone after all this thinking!

  6. Preeti, at times it is difficult to differentiate between need and greed .. the greed takes form of need!!

  7. How I do all that too when I know in my heart I do not wish to do a certain task, but my mind keeps pushing it. I end up analysing it and telling myself, follow your heart but my mind need to be convinced too....It's a mess mostly :D

  8. Chintan, hmm, that is the way mind works .. always beyond control and always wanting something or the other!!

  9. true ...!!!!
    I too have this feeling that my mind goes on getting the proofs for the only side of argument ( of course, of the side, which i follow )...
    And then I need to use my brain for looking at the other side ...!!!

  10. Apurva, did it happen during Laptop purchase process? :-)

  11. :)

    These are the duels that a million lives perish by, and a million others have food on the table !

    Ah, the duels !


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