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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

150. Priority Task

Every time I come home from tour, I prepare a 'To Do' List.
It has many activities - writing a report, downloading photographs, noting down contact numbers, cleaning house etc.
I am used to this. It is a routine for me.

Every time I have to travel, I prepare a 'To Do' List.
It contains many activities - taking printouts of e-tickets, withdrawing money from ATM, noting down contact numbers of the place where I am going, carrying identity card etc.
I am used to this. It is a routine for me.

Even when I am not traveling, I generate a 'To Do' List.

There are office 'To Do Lists' and home 'To Do Lists'.
There are phone 'To Do Lists" and there are writing 'To Do Lists'.
There are reading  'To Do Lists' and there are meeting 'To Do Lists'.
I keep on generating these lists.
I keep on  ticking these lists.
I keep on deleting these lists.
By habit.

There are long term tasks and there are immediate tasks.
There are pressing tasks and there are leisurely tasks.
There are mandatory tasks and there are voluntary tasks.
There are joyful tasks and there are burdening tasks.
There are enthusiastic tasks and there are tiring tasks.
There are natural tasks and there are artificial tasks.
There are surprising tasks and there are painful tasks.
There are funny tasks and there are irritating tasks.
There are mad tasks and there are sane tasks.
There are normal tasks and there are not so normal tasks.
There are tasks to be done with others and there are tasks to be completed in isolation.
There are tasks to be made public and there are tasks to be always kept secret, hidden.

Some tasks get done; some take time; some never get done - they keep on reappearing in the lists.

Some tasks even when finished, keep on repeating themsevles; some never get the light of the day; some die; and some I ruthlessly kill.
Some tasks I write on paper and still forget.
Some tasks I note only mentally and never forget.

At times I feel joyous and entertained by what has been done so far and I get motivated by what has not been till done.

At times I wonder how one task generates other tasks and how some aspects of life vanish in thin air.
At times I think why I am doing all this - e.g. writing this blogpost - and I turn around to find another mystery - which makes me forget the first one. I move on without answers, without gains, without achieving anything worthwhile. I keep on moving - from task to task.

At other times I feel bondage of these lists, of the tasks I have to do; of the journey I have yet to make; of the circles I am moving in; of the meaninglessness the chain of activity creates; of the losses I have suffered, of the trap I am caught in.

I wish to throw away this whole burden once again!
I avoid  writing it in 'To Do' List - I am not sure whether I am ready  for it yet again.
This 'Throw Away' keeps on reappearing on my Task Lists and I am getting weary of it.

However, this one is the ' Top Priority Task'.  


  1. A "To Do List" person is meticulous, goal oriented, planner, result oriented and a achiever...
    But, yes, one would like to break free from such binding and weary burdens.
    Since you are a "To Do List" person, you'll achieve success in your Top Priority Task too!
    All the very best! :)

  2. Makk, are you in the same boat?

  3. Shilpa, I think 'To Do List' is a kind of hobby for me :-) - it has nothing to do with whatever I am supposed to do. And even after achieving my 'Top Priority Task' I will jump into another kind of "To Do List" .. but I tell you, that is fun :-)

  4. a to-do list and all.. wow.. awesome, i can somehow never come up with a list , so leave alone following one :P ..

  5. Menachery, it is much better not to have lists .. I can say so from my experience!!

  6. So far away, in another life and yet so similar! :)

  7. Suniljee, sometimes the similarities are as striking as the differences!

  8. why you saying its better to not have lists?!
    Lists sound boring and binding if you look at them that way...
    but they are not just lists...but lists of dreams... You feel a bubble of big happy "something" when you list out things you soo much love to do!
    Some of the lists I have kept... as a reminder of dreams that i could proudly tick off as achieved!

    Lists are just a bus stop between dreams and realities.... theya re alright... as long as they don't slave you!
    :) Lovely post!

  9. Anu,lists sometimes tend to you make you slave and'not to be slaved' is a trick, which list makers need to learn.

  10. Oh my. So many tasks, such little time. I am sure your lists will help get them all done on time! :)

  11. Deboshree, yes, time at hand is little indeed!


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