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and so does everything around... the situation, the people, the perspective, the needs.... and we too change.... the wise and courageous seek change.. because only change is constant!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

198 Acceptance

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“Make a Wish to Mother,” ordered the Master.

The young disciple faced harsh realities of life. Initially he had requested his Master to pray for him. He was a beloved disciple of the Master “I cannot ask Mother for mundane things,” replied he.

Disciple went inside the temple. He felt the presence of the Mother. He understood why his Master could not “ask for him”.

“Mother, Give me  Knowledge and Devotion” – he prayed.  
Second and third time.

“Your people will never be in want of plain food and clothes” said the Master.  

Naren has accepted Mother”, Sri Ramkrishna beamed joyfully.


This is a Drabble. 
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