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Sunday, December 2, 2012

185. Uncertainty

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“Why you did not show me the answer even when the teacher was busy in conversation with the other teacher? I needed your help and I thought you are my friend,” the boy is fuming.
“How could I show you the answer? It is not good to copy during exams,” the calm looking boy answers.
“You are insane, man!” the aggrieved friend says.
The boy smiles. He adds confidently, “No, I am not insane.”
“Why did you not appeal?” the Captain is upset.
“Oh! But he was not out, the ball was leaving the off stump, I know,” the bowler is all smiles.  
“We all were appealing, but since you did not appeal….”the Captain does not know what to say. He adds sarcastically, “You are insane, man!!”
“No, I am not insane…” the bowler is in tears.
“Let us have a cigarette” one of the boys says.
“Just smoking? I thought we are going to celebrate in an adult manner,” other adds.
“Ok, you continue with your celebrations, I am leaving,” third boy says.
“How can you leave? We are celebrating your success,” the first boy is really surprised.
“But I can’t celebrate by smoking and drinking…” third boy.
“Come on yaar! We are not school children. You are selected by one of the best IT companies in the world and so we are celebrating,” another one says.
“Look, even the girls want to smoke and drink  ...” another one. The girls immediately join the chorus.
“No, long back I promised my grandma that I would never smoke and drink,” the boy is indeed adamant.
“You are insane, man!” exclaim his friends.
“Maybe, I am insane …” the boy is feeling little guilty for spoiling the fun of his friends.
“Oh! Where is our bike?” the girl is anxious.
“It was parked in ‘No parking zone’. So the police have taken it away,” the shopkeeper informs. “Look,” he adds, “there is the traffic police van, go and get your bike before it is taken away.”
“Come on,” the girls says.
“Give him hundred rupees,” the girl asks.
“Will you give me a receipt?” the boy asks the police.
The police gets angry. “Come to police station, pay three hundred rupees, get you receipt and pick your bike,” he answers.
“Don’t be a miser. You earn loads of money,” the girl shouts.
“The question is not about money but…” the boy tries to explain.
“Come on yaar, leave it, I will pay,” the girl hurries through her purse.
“No, I won’t take the bike by paying bribe,” the boy is adamant.
“You are insane, Man!!” the girl’s anger is beyond bounds.
He keeps quiet.
“What are your expectations?” uncle asks.
“What expectations?” he is really puzzled.
“Oh! Nothing really. Whatever you want to give to your daughter, you should give. We don’t demand anything, you know what your daughter needs and what is best for her….” One of the uncles says.
Everybody smiles, nods.
“Are you talking about dowry? Then my answer is NO…” the boy’s voice is stern.
“Come on, who is talking about dowry? You don’t understand anything. For God’s sake, keep quiet,” one of the aunties orders him loudly.
“Calm down young man! No, we are certainly not talking about dowry. …” the man sitting next to uncle explains.
“If you are talking about any 'give and take' in the marriage, I will not marry…” declares the boy.
“You are insane, Man!” his cousin remarks.
“No, I am not insane. You all are…” the boy says and storms out of the room.
“You are insane, Man” his colleague says.
“You are insane...” the officer says.
“You are insane, “the shopkeeper says.
“You are insane,” the corporator says.
“You are insane,” the headmaster of his son’s school says.
“I want a mobile, dad,” his son demands.
He looks at his ten year old son.
“You are still young,” he says.
“But everyone in my class carries a mobile. It is only you who is not allowing me to have a handset. If you don’t give me a mobile, I will not go to school,” his son threatens.
“It won’t work my boy. You don’t need mobile, that is it,” he firmly says.
“Don’t be a miser. And don’t tell me about your values. We have to live according to the norms set by the world around,” his wife is trying to argue.
He ignores the demands, the pleading, and the accusation of neglect.
“You are completely insane Dad,” his son shouts through his tears and runs away.
“Of course, I am insane...” he shouts back.
He weeps silently.
He has not been able to create a space for himself in this world.
Is he insane? Or the world around is insane?
He is not sure.
The uncertainty has always baffled him. And it continues to do so.
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  1. This one is good.... it has exactly brought out the way several people feel today.. nice one in terms of narration too... ATB for the BAT..

  2. everyone who decides to stick to his/her ideologies..is termed insane by the others who feel intimidated by the courage of this idealist!! and it takes a lots of guts and gumption to stay sane amidst this crowd! well written...all the best for BAT!

  3. Nice concept . quite in sync with the many emotions that bog us down . . very well written


  4. Harikrishna, you are right! Several people go through these feelings.

  5. the little princes, life always asks us the courage of an idealist.. well said indeed!

  6. Thanks maliny. These emotions are all around us...

  7. Very well written. Was he insane or the world around him? Something to think about. Nice :-)

  8. sticking to instinct is termed insanity. society has its views they try to shackle us with, and any attempt to break them is termed insanity. too much of this in the world.

  9. Thanks Ash.. well, who is insane? The answers differs according to who asks the question!!

  10. Leo, too much of insanity in the world around .. I do agree with you about this!

  11. Principles, ideologies seem to have no place in modern times where whole nation is run on 'chalta hai' attitude!

    Nice write up!

  12. Meenakshi, hmm.. 'chalata hai' attitude .. you are right!

  13. Often one hears "youa re insane" so many times that they slowly start to believe it (though never compeltely!)

    Thank you for making a lot of readers feel a little less insane and a little more certain about being good and right....

  14. Anujna, did you feel a little less insane? That is good for a change :-)

  15. Staying true to oneself is insanity in a way indeed... wonderful portrayal of the dilemma.

  16. It reminded me of an old doctor who had dedicated his life to leprosy and had lived it with integrity and dignity. Yet in his last days, his own sons laughed at him, saying that he had not been "practical" and had wasted his life.

  17. Thanks Reshma for your encouraging words.

  18. Ethics and values are not appreciated in today's world as much as they deserve to be! Rightly pointed out. Everyone wants to join the mob and play long. Nice post :) All the best for BAT! :)

  19. Sunilbhai, yes, I too remember many such people around. It is unfortunate!!

  20. Rajkiran, people have different ethics and values .. and the one in minority has to suffer ...

  21. This was cool, a bravo post ! You portrayed scenes so vividly, with the same essence. One of the best I have read !! All the very best for BAT :)

  22. Thanks a lot Tanya for your appreciation.

  23. Yea it's a difficult life to be different. Or should I say it's difficult to stick with the truth. Nice post. All the best for batom

  24. Megha, when people keep on calling you insane, it is indeed difficult to stick to the values one feels for.

  25. Good graciousness. No one can beat that. Thats some awesome take on the prompt. Its bad I wont be able to vote for you as I havent written for this BAT. But I hope you win - ATB!

    Would love to hear from you! Do stop by my blog! *cheers*

  26. Thanks Kappu. Your response matters more than votes! I really appreciate it. Look forward to your participation in next BAT.

  27. Tussle between practicality (worldliness) and idealism, resulting in insanity. Like the take quite a bit. What I liked more is how you executed it.

    Some of your shots are quite good (sorry for not commenting out there). I'm curious, what work do you do that allows you to travel so much? [Obviously, not a stray comment, will be back]

  28. Thanks unknownshri.

    My work takes me to many places .. I am lucky!

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  31. Anonymous, whosoever you are, I pity you. You seem to have no other work but to keep on writing these useless comments on this blog!! Today I have deleted at least 30 of your comments. You seem to get joy in being such a nuisance. I just wonder, why can't you use this determination, devotion and hard work in some useful work!!


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