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Saturday, November 7, 2009

63. If I Were a Baby Again…

If I were a Baby Again…
I would not write a blog and crave for hits, comments, and votes. I would seek love and attention from all, though.
I would not work to earn money. I would do things just for the joy and fun I get from it.
I would not have to follow manners just to please people around. I would be my own self, not bothering about others’ opinion about me.
I would not have to pretend that I am good, unselfish, and helpful and so on. I would accept myself as I am because I won’t know the art of comparing and competition.
I would not have to carry on an artificial smile. I will have a natural one.
I would not have to control hunger, emotions, thought processes. I would be the Queen of my world, does not matter if I am the only single person in that world.
I would not have to observe religious rules and regulations. I would be in communion with the God, if IT has no objections to have me.
I would not have to exhibit my knowledge. I can carry on my ignorance happily.
I would not be ashamed of tears, failures. I would fall again and again and learn through those experiences.
I would not be frightened about anyone or anything. I would treat all as my equal.. and may have some fight for fun.
I would not have to be responsible. I would be naturally attached to everything around.
I would not have to worry about sugar and blood pressure. I would consume anything I want, anytime I want.
I would not rush for shelter. I would enjoy sun, moon, rain, sky.. everything around me.
I would not crave to have crowds around me. I would be able to entertain myself alone with the world around.
I would not be frightened of death. I would not know what life is then and would always be experimenting and trying to grasp as if everything is anew.

Well, I realize that though I am supposed to be an adult, I am still a baby.. I would like to remain a baby forever.


  1. u are right
    people lose their innocence wen they grow up..

  2. yup!! Definitely not be a adult and do all that stuff.. good one. Different from what I've read so far!!

  3. 'If' ! Sigh !

    What a powerful word ! If i were a baby... :)

    Lovely read

  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting aativas, appreciate it..

    Wish we were not bound by all those shackles and life was a tad more simpler.

  5. Its true child's world is much more simpler and easier than the adult world...

  6. I would not have to carry on an artificial smile. I will have a natural one.

    How true!

  7. We start wearing a mask as we grow older, don't we? Nice post

  8. True.. baby days are full of innocence.. nice way to run it all ..

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Your post is a good one too :-D

  10. Rahul, it is indeed unfortunate that we lose our innocence.

    Rajalakshmi, thanks. Doing that stuff is part of adult life...

    Kavi, thanks.

    Madhu,Dhiman, I do not know where a baby's life is really simple.. its all imagination you know :)

    Thanks Prashant, Psych, Daisy Blue, Govind and Niharika for reading the post and taking time to leave comment here.

  11. Very Nice post... :)
    Enjoyed reading it...:)
    It's true that we loose our innocence as we grow up..but somehow I feel it is the price we have to pay to be independent and to survive in this practical world... :)

  12. nicely written post.
    All the changes in all spheres of life captured through words well

  13. Yo man Yo! :-)
    Excellently said. Agree with you.
    Enjoyed the post to the core. :-)
    "I would entertain myself without caring for the world."
    All the best!

  14. As we are getting aged, the innocence is lost and we become matured! But Can you live with all those innocence throughout life?!
    Your post really led to new dimensions!!

    All the best girl :)

  15. Nicely written. I liked this the most "I would not have to worry about sugar and blood pressure. I would consume anything I want, anytime I want." :) This is one thing I miss, eating everything I feel like, without worrying about weight or fat. Actually, I like all the points you have mentioned. I want to become a child again and enjoy all these :(

  16. I like THIS kind of writing..straight post

  17. this post really makes me wanna be a child again :)

  18. Amit, you are right. To become independent we have to loose some of the advantages of our childhood.

    Rajeswari, thanks a lot.

    Karthik, people hardly agree with me.. so good to know that we are thinking alike.. :)

    Shruti, I guess if we don't bother much about 'achievements' we can have a childlike innocent life.

    AK, I believe that to be a child a more of mental process rather than physical.. so, become one!

    Thanks Saimanohar and Naveen for appreciation.

    Neeraj, your guess is right :)

  19. initially I thought of writing something like this but later changed my mind. You have presented it well.

  20. Hi....

    Wow......i do appreciate your bold efforts in removing the masks of hypocrisy of the so called grown-matured-civilised-moral-decent-responsible-matured human beings, particularly me. I did not write in my blog what I wanted to and hence I am reading that stugg in your post.
    Unexpected but yet significant dimension to the topic
    Kudos :)

  21. liked ur post till the very end. the bravery of the child to be himself missing in adults........ nice said

  22. yes i fully agree.feel sorry for missing so many things in the life!but i would definitely not like to be alone in this world.

  23. A very nice comparison b/w childhood nd adulthood thr aativas.. Indeed, thr r no pretentions wn young bt with time we strt wearing so many masks!
    Luvd the frst line about cmmnts nd votes :D

  24. Bharathi, Chandrasegar, Nutan thanks.

    Mahesh, happy to know that you liked the post. :)

    Vipul, I am relieved to know that you loved the line about comments and votes :)


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