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Sunday, December 4, 2011

154. Other Way Round

There are occasions when I do not understand what to do, what to decide, which road to take.
These are not necessarily very serious situations. On the contrary in serious situations I take my heart’s call and hence never have dilemmas.
However when problems are very simple, I tend to get more confused. Sometimes I try one aspect and sometimes I try another one. But so far I never have been able to arrive at ultimate solutions to these dilemmas. Whichever way I go, it hardly makes any difference; - so, in fact, it should not be a problem; still it is.  
For example, today I am struggling with what to order for dinner. I want something simple to eat – maybe just daal and rice - but as I am put in a luxury hotel such ‘simple food’ is not available here. To make a choice out of what is ‘not my choice at all’ is more difficult.
Well, when I am clear about what I want, everything seems to be easy. When I am confused, everything seems to be difficult.
Clarity comes out of choices and preferences.
Confusion comes when there are no choices and no preferences.
Whenever I have ‘no specific choice’ I seem to invite trouble – though temporary, it keeps on coming in different forms.
Is it not funny? I thought– having choices would make my life difficult.
It is rather the other way round. 


  1. Deepakbhai, that was not my intention - honestly!!

  2. For me deciding what to order while travelling is a huge stress point. If I can find a buffet place, you will find me there all the time. If not, I end up eating same things for lunch and dinner till I am sick of it! :)

  3. Suniljee, I think all travelers have this kind of stress .. and same kind of solutions??

  4. You said it Aativas.
    Lack of choice is not a problem, excess of it is. That is why they say, "problem of plenty"

    I kind of liked this post :)
    Well done, you wrote your heart.


  5. Thanks Animesh, I had not realized it as 'Problem of Plenty' .. but that is in a way the truth!


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