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Saturday, April 21, 2012

169. Honesty

Do we really value honesty?
That is what I kept wondering about when I happened to listen the conversation.

I was in the Saphal outlet to purchase some fruits.  Delhi has this chain of  Saphal and Mother Dairy Outlets in every nook of the city. 

Three people – probably father, mother and son entered the outlet. The son was in his 30s and parents in their 50s. They wanted to purchase watermelon.
“Is it sweet?” father asked.
The man on the sales counter answered, “Sir, I cannot assure you. If you are fortunate, it would be sweet, otherwise it won’t.”
“Oh! Stupid! What has fortune and fate to do with taste of Watermelon?” the son exclaimed. “Why can’t you keep only sweet watermelons?” He added irritably.
The sales man just smiled. He politely said, “Sir, how can we do that? We try the best of the watermelons, but it is nature’s gift, we do not have control over these things.”
Now the woman spoke, “But in some other shop I saw the man tapping the watermelon and identifying whether it was sweet or not. Can’t you do that? “
“Oh! Madamjee that is just a trick, a trick to satisfy you. Was the watermelon thus tested always sweet?”
“If you don’t know, don’t teach us  ...” the father was now angry.
“Ok, let us go, let us try at some other shop” the woman said and they all stormed out, dissatisfied.

“Why did not you try to play the trick? Don't you know it?" Some other customer asked the salesman.

“Oh! I never understand why city people do not have patience with uncertainty. Why don’t  you people value honesty?”
He looked at me.
I had no answer.
I will never have one to this question.


  1. this is not a question of valuing honesty but that of being smartasses as in marathi/hindi one says being 'dedh shaana'

  2. Deepakbhai, ah! I never thought of this. Interesting perspective :-)

  3. this reminds me of a story I was told by my parents long back...a man had a fruit shop. One day he became ill and wasnt able to open his shop for a couple of days. His young son takes over the responsibility and opens the shop on the 3rd day. Any customer which comes by his shop...he tells them that the latest fruits he has are at least 2 days old..so he cant be sure if they will be as tasty as those on other shops...the customers are impressed by his honesty and buy the fruits and also become regular customers...

    Guess..that was a different time...

  4. Kunal, I enjoyed your story fully.

    I guess there are always different types of people in each period. So, maybe even today there would be honest vendors and customers who appreciate that honesty.

  5. Lovely post. Honesty needs to be valued. And people who cannot are stupid, and only add to the deterioration of society.

  6. Vetrimagal, I guess some people would always value honesty and some won't - thus maintaining the balance.

    Thanks for visiting and taking time to share your thoughts.

  7. Mehparpatti HeparwaarApril 26, 2012 at 8:01 AM

    Do we really value honesty ?

    How to figure that out -

    1) How much time, effort and money do we spend on searching for the most honest person ?

    2) After finding out that person - we negotiate. Is honesty at the the most important issue during the negotiation process ?

    3) After negotiation is done - we need to monitor on an ongoing basis. What do we do to ensure that THAT person is actually being honest ? How much time effort do we undertake to monitor and verify ?

  8. Mehpaparpatti, I guess most of the times we just need someone honest and not 'the most honest person' .. because we may not be doing any business with the 'most honest person' if s/he is not operating in an area convenient to us.

    I agree with points 2 and 3 - shows that many times we do not value honesty!!

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