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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

148. Label

I needed new goggles. So, I went to a shop and placed an order.

I know the shopkeeper. The family used to stay in one of my friend’s residential complex and my friend had introduced me to this particular shop. So, we had some pleasantries to exchange.

While leaving, I asked for how many days the shop will remain closed during Deepavalee festival.

To my surprise, the man said, “We are working on all days.”

This was rather unusual. So I asked for more explanation. His wife added, “We work on all 365 days, we are never closed. Even when there is ‘Bharat Band’ call, we work.”

That was astounding. Before I could ask any question, the man elaborated proudly, “To tell you the truth, I have opened this shop nine years ago. And in the last nine years, our shop has never remained closed. We always open at the regular time and work regularly.”

I wanted to speak more on the topic but more customers arrived on the scene and I walked back silently.

How do I label or classify this information?

To run eyeglasses shop does not sound a very exciting profession - but it is useful service and good livelihood. But how can one enjoy it for nine years without break?

Is this family Workaholic?

 Do they not have any other things to do in life?

Don’t the husband and wife need some rest, some kind of change? Don’t they get tired of the routine?

Have they not faced any single difficulty in nine years? Say, ill health, traffic problems? (Well, I remembered the women telling me that they stay in the same building where their shop is!)

Do they see work as joy and not as livelihood alone?

What do they gain in the process?  Apart from money, I mean.

I realize that I am addicted to classifying  information.

I realize that I am used to label information.

Is it not amazing that I do labeling without any break, without rest, without change – constantly? And it is not even my livelihood.

Then why am I surprised when I see someone else doing some kind of work or activity without break?

How should I label myself?


  1. 9 years without a break!! Amazing!
    May be they do take breaks and appoint a caretaker in their absence...
    You must find out abt it, the next time you visit the shop! :D

  2. :D
    the man is obsessed with everything to do with eye-gear!
    He loves it i think...and if there is time and someone to listen, he loves to explain it thoroughly!
    Nice people... but apart from their afternoon nap they never take any time off....you are right, they never go away...
    it was my favorite pass time to check if the shop is open everyday on my way to college! And it always was....

  3. they must apply for the guiness book of records!

  4. Shilpa, I guess Anujna's remarks provide the answer.

  5. Anu, did I tell you about my visit or you guessed it right from the description? Yes, the man loves to explain - I did not elaborate that aspect.

  6. Deepakbhai, maybe, we should tell them to apply.

  7. Pratima Giri, :-) and Welcome to Times Change.


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