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Sunday, April 5, 2015

223. Bitter

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I like chocolates.

But Mama and Papa do not allow me to eat chocolates as often as I want. 

My Didi is great. She always gives me chocolates. 

But something is wrong with Didi.

She weeps continuously when we are in our room, but laughs loudly and looks happy when everybody is around.

Yesterday when she was crying, I offered her chocolate.

“NO! Bittu, promise me; you will never eat chocolate”, she said.

“Never? Why?” I was surprised.

“Because the chocolate is bitter,” she sobbed.

She was so sad that I promised her so.

How can sweet chocolate be bitter?
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  1. could somewhere connect it and understand the story ...hope i understood it right

  2. Life's most important things go unsaid. Hope people will get it right.
    Best of luck.

  3. The unsaid past changed the sweet chocolate into bitter one. Can relate to the story. All the best for BAT!


  4. This story is haunting me.....have no other words to say....

  5. what this story implies is a hard hitting reality, with few words you have showcased a whole life

    My Blog-A-Ton Entry Raju'sChocolate

  6. aativas,

    The Drabble you wrote hit my heart. It asks.. "Isn't it true?" All the best!

    Someone is Special - Life is a Chocolate

  7. Very very succinctly written yet it is silently verbose.

  8. Hi Aativas,

    Yes...Sometimes a sweet chocolate can be a bitter experience...Wish I didn't have understood it...

    Anyways...Loved this composition...


  9. Very well written! :) Thought provoking.

  10. How do you manage saying so much with so less actually written !!!??


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