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Monday, March 9, 2015

221. Letter

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After the meeting; women disappeared fast. Except one.  
 “Come to my home,” the middle aged Rakhama mavashi ordered.

I knew so less about her, that I decided to take the opportunity. 

After a cup of tea, she asked, “Can you write a letter for me?”
I was glad to help her. 

She brought a post-card.
She told me what to write. I wrote.
It was clear that she was writing to her husband.
In those ten minutes, I understood the story of her life.

“Address?”  I asked.
“I do not know”, she said. 

“No one knows”, added her little daughter.
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  1. Ok wow. brilliant flash piece! loved it! all the best for BAT!

  2. sad and yet so beautiful! the sparks of hope are so unending..

  3. Short, sad and yet beautiful Aativas. Glad you wrote! And to be honest, a post from you add life to BAT!

    Just five more posts, and then you will be addressed as "Queen of Blog-a-Ton" Advance Congratulations to you!

    Someone is Special

    1. Thanks.I enjoy writing for BAT, as it is always challenging!

  4. nothing but so much in it, it's an art to say meaningful think in so few words and you have mastered it perfectly

    My Blogaton Post Letter of A Girl

  5. Aativas,
    Rakhama mavshi, there are so many women like her in smaller villages in India.
    There are crimes and rapes acts in cities and then there are women like Rakhama Mavshi, who's grief is often unnoticed.
    ( Goodluck for BAT) BAT sathi shubechha :)

    1. Thanks. Yes, there are many such women around, whose grief is hardly noticed by others.

  6. Crisp and meaningful. Loved reading it.

  7. Oh! So touching.
    Clearly, she has been conned by the man...
    Best wishes for BAT :)

  8. Very beautifully written ! Short and touching :)

    ATB for BAT :)

  9. That's sad..
    All the Best for BATOM

  10. Its sad, what so ever must have happened with Rakhama mavashi :( Nonetheless, a short and wonderful narration to express some hard feelings

    ATB for BAT


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