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Sunday, October 5, 2014

216. Is it my name?

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“What is your name?” someone asked.

I tried to remember, but could not.
“I don’t know”, I said.

“Where do you live? Where is your home?” he asked, in a soft voice.
I tried to remember but I could remember nothing.  
“I don’t know”, I was feeling ashamed to say so.

Another man came.  He held my hand, asked me few more questions. 
But I could add nothing more.

“Give a try, Uncle. Go down the memory lane. What do you see?” he asked me.
I could see nothing. I told him so.

“Alzheimer”, someone said.

Is it my name?  
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  1. The thought of Alzheimer is killing....... My father is 76 & sometimes he is forgetful. He still runs the errands for us. This post somehow told me that I should be more understanding with my father.

  2. That was sad. The thought of Alzheimer's, as Pavil says, is killing. And very scary for some reason.

  3. that's the beauty of your drabble it has a social message,an awareness call and a story in just 100 words, wonderful writing

    My BAT entry Torn Pages

  4. Hmm....short and poignant. Nice composition. However it feels creepy to even think of loosing control over your self and mind :( But Alziemers it is.

    All the best for BATOM

  5. We are who we are because of what we remember...
    Alzheimer is so painful for the families and loved ones...

  6. In life what we cherish most is memories. It brings joy and tears too, and if one can't remember them is like life filled with void.


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