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Sunday, October 6, 2013

200. Color

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Every evening Grandpa holds my hand and takes me to the garden.
I like it.

Today children are playing some new game.

“Tipi Tipi Tip Top”, one girl shouts.
“What color you want?” responds the chorus.
“Blue” the girl says and everybody rushes around.
They catch something and laugh.
The laughter is joyful and clear like a sea wave.

Now it is another girl, her voice is different.
“Tipi Tipi Tip Top,” she shouts.
“What color you want?” the chorus.

“Grandpa, what is color” I ask with curiosity.
Grandpa sighs. He holds me close.

His tears fall on my face. 

(This is a Drabble) 
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  1. beautiful... lovely... thank you...

  2. Heart touching aativas. Had she known the colors, she would have smiled happily. Keep writing for BAT.

    Someone is Special

  3. Short and heart-touching. We're all so fortunate.

    Well written

    ATB For BAT 42

    Here's my entry



  4. i had a smile reading through but at the end almost had a tear...!!!

    All the best

    My entry for BAT: Yamini Meduri-Color..!!!

  5. बेहद सुन्दर और मार्मिक कविता
    मेरी कविता भी इसी पहलु के इर्दगिर्द हैं
    माँ, ये रंग होता क्या हैं ?

  6. Hey Aativas

    How are you doing? Been long. I'm sorry that our association has only been from one BAT to the other.

    Anyways, the space looks different from the last time when I was here.

    The story is touching, short, crisp and tragic to some extent.

    Good luck!


  7. Tipi Tipi Tip Top - heard that poem after a long long time.

  8. Short, simple, and clear. Poor little kid. Thanks.

  9. Crisp and touching. Oh I wish she could enjoy that game too!
    All the best for BAT Aativas :)


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