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Saturday, July 27, 2013

197. Mediation

It is good to know that people are concerned about other people
However, an uninvited concern is irritating.
For last few days, suddenly from nowhere else, I started getting messages from an organization which cares for people's spiritual enlightenment. At least that is what they claim.

I ignored first few mails in the hope that if I did not respond, they would be discouraged enough.
But the messages kept on coming. About Rajyoga Mediation and all that.
It always had the boasting last liine: We are at 140 countries with more than 9000 Meditation centre's since 1937 

I wrote to them requesting "not to send such mails."
No effect.
Then after few days I wrote, "Kindly stop sending these mails to me. Note that you are invading my privacy."

This was a clear message to any person in right mind.
But no, not to this organization! They wrote back:

Om Shanti Divine Soul, 

Our aim is not to disturb your privacy of life, we just want to inform you about Godly meditation which is need for very human being to maintain balance of life. crores of family's are enjoying this, this meditation is like to recharge your soul. GOD BLESS YOU.

I wonder what makes these people think that I need a mediation. 
And what makes them to think that they are eligible to mediate between me and God!

 By the way, what is your guess? Which organization is this? :-)


  1. HaaHaa... I guessed it right. These are the same who talk about soul and about ability to see the soul...etc! Funny people.

  2. Brahmakumari people?!
    I once met one VK "life worker", who was after my life to join his facebook community!!
    These people are incapable of discouragement!
    self proclaimed franchises of God...


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