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Sunday, April 7, 2013

193. Abandoned

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This is the time when millions come here; to bathe in the famous confluence.
She must be one of those; nameless, faceless Indian.
She must be above 70; frail and lonely.
The woman is here on platform number 10 for almost five hours.
 “Mother, where are you going?” I ask politely.
“Ramgadh”, she smiles.
 “What time is your train?” I ask.
“Babu, my son, knows” she replies.
“Where is Babu?” I ask.
“He is bringing a cup of tea for me”, she answers.

 I sigh.
That rascal Babu has abandoned his mother.
Will she be able to accept the truth? 

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(This is a Drabble.) 


  1. Very effective, its pathos slip in silently. Suddenly, I felt its sharp cutting edge ..

  2. brevity of this post is strength to the idea

  3. A power packed drabble! I really expected an end to the poor lady's misery. Kept me thinking for a long while...
    All the Best for BAT!

    Rumya - The Woman on Platform No. 10

  4. Probably the best one I have read so far. With such few words, you have shown us the real life. It is sad that people actually do such things to their parents :( Wish it could just be a fiction.

    Avada Kedavra - The woman on platform 10

  5. Excellent flash piece! Well done!

    First time blogatoner .... Shreyasi

  6. So much packed in such few words... Love and abandonment, trust and heartbreak, faith, hope and hopelessness... Beautiful.

    Mixi(My BAT entry)

  7. wow, short, simple, and yet capable enough to touch and move anyone...extremely powerful

  8. Sad but true...brevity rules here! Loved it...

  9. Shows the harsh reality. Ugly truth of today.
    Excellent work.

  10. this is truth that is really stranger than fiction...there are many such stories happening at kumbh melas...very sad :(
    ATB for BAT :)
    do drop in at:
    Karan - Grand Salute

  11. Sad yet real nowadays. It is excellent in so few words. :)

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    Someone is Special


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