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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

181. Categories

When I am getting out of Delhi Metro Station(s), I am interested in observing people's choice(s).

There are three choices - to take a lift, an escalator or staircase. Obviously, this is before or after Metro travel!

It is understood that those people who are either ill, very old or having luggage should use the lift. 
Rest of the commuters have two options - staircase and escalator. Most of the Metro Stations do not have the facility of escalators for climbing down - they are only for climbing up. So, I am mainly discussing the tendencies exhibited during Upward Mobility! 

Every time I see some people rushing to lift. Even for climbing down they want to use the lift. They are not always old or ill or do not carry luggage. However, they are obsessed with 'saving time' and always want to take the fastest route. I put these people in category one. Sometimes I wonder whether these people know only one way of living, I doubt whether they are flexible and I wonder how they would respond to life without electricity. 

There are some people who would always take staircase. " Use Stairs to Stay Fit" declares Delhi Metro. Some people do take this opportunity to exercise a bit and stay fit. They are least affected physically as well as psychologically, when the escalator is not working. They are determined and they carry on with their mission without bothering about the external situation. I am not sure how many staircases they climb up every day. These are category two people for me. They are health conscious and certainly they can adjust to the situation in a much better way than the category one people. But in a way, they are like category one people! They also have a fixed way of thinking - only staircase!! 

The third category of people always try to use escalators. They are kind of people who use technology (or luxury) when available. But if the escalator is not working, they would calmly climb up the staircase. They would say : alright, once in a while it is good.  These people have choices and initially they try to make easy choices. However, if easy choice is not available, they do not mind the hard way. They could be easily mixed into category one and category two - it is hard to identify at a glance.

Fourth category is more spontaneous. Depending on their mood or situation, they decide what to choose. Sometimes they would just run on the staircase and some other time they would lazily wait for the lift. They don't have any fixed route - they enjoy the variety and for them the variety comes from within.  I am a regular Metro traveler for two years and know some of the faces who sometimes take escalator and sometimes staircase. I like their unpredictable ways of choosing options. Wherever they go, I am sure these people would always create fun for themselves - by being flexible.

And I know there are many more categories.

One category who observes, thinks, shares.
Another category who never bothers.
Another one who does not like being categorized like this.

We belong to either of these categories - maybe we are in different categories for different things in life. But certainly our behaviors create pattern giving glimpses into inner mind.
Of course, sometimes we could be fooled , we could be completely wrong.
However, the process of categorization keeps on happening.
With knowledge or without knowledge.

How much of it is conditioning and how much of it is choice?
I do not know. 


  1. You have a way to take readers from simple to complex. Well written - once again!

  2. Boy, Little did I know that a simple act like reaching the next level of a building could lead to so much indepth analysis! very well written :)

  3. There are more categories, a few of which could be:-

    1. People who could not get into the lift the first time - they wait for the lift to unload and return. Certainly not the time saving kind.

    2. People climb up the escalator(when there are few people in their way). Hybrid of time saving and health conscious I guess.

    3. People who take multiple steps at a time using staircase. Similar to category 2, but more health conscious.

  4. ..great observation, very well written, Savita!

  5. Ananymous, Unknown, Thanks.

    Jayshreejee, from simple actions, complex ideas emerge - sometimes!!

    Dreamer, that is a valuable addition to the post. Thanks a lot.

    Amit, thanks once again.

  6. Very interesting post.
    You can write an entire page describing one sneeze

  7. Chowlajee, I understand your sarcasm. It is clear, I don't need to be a linguistic expert to understand it. However, I cannot see reason for such sarcasm. Maybe, I am just unable to see it. I would be glad to learn more about the logic by which you arrived at this statement.

  8. hehe.... if a blog was just monologue, it would have been just that. your blog is a complete conversation, with comments and reactions!!
    Do you see the catagories already forming through the comments?!!

    Analysis is interesting, entertaining and at times awakening activity. it makes us more aware of what we do and why we do it....
    As far as I can see, your analysis stays to a curious exploration of life...thats that. It is never a prejudice, criticism or discrimination!!
    Lets hope it is recieved in competantly joyful manner of a life-learner!
    Also it would be equally interesting at times to start from complex and reach the simple....won't it?!

  9. Anujna, haha! Categories of respondents .. well, that could be another post!!

    Well, when you travel from complex to simple, then only you can explain simple to complex - isn't it?

  10. If we just give the other more space to live their lives well, everybody's lives could be so much better.

    Be it at the lift or at the staircase!

  11. Very true, Kavi. Welcome back after a long gap :-)

  12. Ha ha I know I used to one of the categories who used walk the escalator just cheating on exercising. :D

  13. Siddhesh, I am sure, this is another category :-)


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