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Saturday, December 26, 2009

70. Same More

Everybody around is in the mood of celebration. It actually began last week and the hangover would be carried over the next week.

In what way do people celebrate? Not much variety, I think.

We sing, we dance, we drink, we relax, we watch movies, we drive, we travel, we read, we eat, we gossip, we laugh loudly, we send SMSs, we call people, we chat, we write new blog posts. In short, we try to forget the past and the present and hope for a better future.

We celebrate, because everyone else is celebrating. We celebrate because there is no other alternative. We celebrate because we believe in flowing with the stream. We celebrate because we don’t know what else we could do. We celebrate because we don’t want to be left alone. We celebrate because that is the only way we get respite from the burden we have to carry. We celebrate because we want to be happy. We celebrate because we want to be safe and secure.

No, I am not complaining. In fact, until someone forces me to join such celebrations, I do not share my thoughts. I believe enjoyment is a personal choice. I live and let others live. Mostly I am alone in such matters and I prefer it to hypocritical exhibition of feelings.

But sometimes I wonder what exactly people are doing. I mean what do people exactly get out of such a mechanized way of celebration? For how many years we can keep on singing ‘Dam Dam Diga Diga’ (or any song for that matter) in Antakshari? For how many years we can pretend to enjoy crowds, which would anyway keep on celebrating without missing us? For how many years we could pretend to have fun? For how many years we could hide from ourselves?

No, I do not mean we should not celebrate. Joy is inherent aspect of life, and one needs to learn (again and again) to be happy. Life takes its toll, and nothing is wrong in taking a break and enjoying few moments – even materialistic moments. Nothing is wrong in singing and dancing if one enjoys it. Nothing is wrong in laughing aloud; consuming food - with friends, relatives, well-wishers. Nothing is wrong in to be loved and to love.

I guess it is wrong only if we are not fully enjoying it and pretending to have a ‘great’ fun.

I am not sure where it is outcome of culture or outcome of training. I am not sure whether it is the result of religion or human tendency. I do not know whether I am right or wrong. But I constantly feel that we keep on doing the ‘same’ thing ‘more’ without really analyzing, without experiencing, without wondering, without getting involved, without actually gaining anything and without growing.

For example, the new recruits in the company/organization keep on leaving. What action does the management take? It recruits ‘more’ people, trains them ‘more’ and offers them ‘more’ salary forgetting that if the ‘same’ process is followed, the result would be the ‘same’.

The government is not working properly, inflation rises to sky. What action do we take? In the elections we have ‘more’ candidates, we give ‘more’ seats to a particular political party, but the process is the ‘same’ which brings out the ‘same’ results.

We go to school/college. We do not learn much – except for few harsh realities of life and few things which we never actually use in life. What is our response to it? We ‘learn’ ‘more’, we secure ‘more’ marks, but in fact we learn in the ‘same’ way and continue to struggle in life.

We are inefficient at work. We do not actually love our work. But we keep on doing ‘more’ work in the ‘same’ way, creating a feeling of alienation.

We are tired, bored. We eat ‘more’ food in the ‘same’ aloof way, without experiencing joy of food, and we are bored of eating in the ‘same’ way.

We read. It does not affect our life. We do not draw any lesson from it. Still we keep on reading ‘more’ books/magazines, in the ‘same’ way and carry the burden of incomprehensible words all our life.

We watch movies. We criticize the actors, the director, and the friend who suggested it. We regret that the money has gone waste. And we watch ‘more’ movies to overcome it, but watch it in the ‘same’ way, and come out with ‘more’ disgust.

I can quote many such examples. Why we tend to do ‘more in the same way’ is an enigma to me. Even I do it sometimes without realizing it. Am I not writing ‘more’ posts on this blog in the ‘same’ way?

I wish I would use all my experience and still be novice in doing things anew. I wish there would come a time when I would be fortunate enough to work AGAIN only for the joy of working and not for the sake of being part of the crowd, not for earning money, not for appeasing anybody and not for getting rewards.

I wish I would do fewer things in the coming years but not do it the ‘same’ way I have been doing. I wish I could come out of this illusion of ‘more’ for once!


  1. Your 'more' and your 'same' is still welcome!
    Because obviously, you are 'thinking' along the way..

  2. Very true that same things done more times yield no happiness....
    But then we know our own limits of getting sick of things. And we have to learn the skill to swiftly sneak out when "more" becomes "too much" for us!
    Most people are unhappy because they do not know when "more" becomes "too much"..
    More over they are unhappy because they think that happiness is resultant of celebration! When actually it is the other way round. Celebration is to express happiness that is already there in the heart!
    The one who knows happiness does not come from anything outside, remains happy in celebrations and in silence alike!
    Nice topic....seems that you too have suffered the "force of celebrations"!

  3. Hi,
    nice one!


  4. Hi,it is nice, but so long as one can have "more" and enjoy.sing,dance,so what??
    That is life.

  5. Sachin, thanks. Yes, until thinking is inseparable, it should not matter.

    Anujna, 'Celebration is to express happiness that is already there in the heart!' - how right! That is why I wonder how people can celebrate it in the 'same' way!

    Thanks Rajyashree for dropping in.

    Chowlajee, no problem if 'more' and 'enjoy' can go hand in hand. Unfortunately they cease to be friendly after some time!

  6. cynicism grows.... :)

    ... and i keep coming to read what wonderful thoughts you have transferred onto your blog and add my 2 bits...


  7. Ah ! An awesome post. Its time we had less of this 'more' business !

    I read sometime back, about a certain joy in soaking in each moment. Soaking in each moment is perhaps the only requirement !!

    Its such a simple thing to say, such a profound thing to do ! Such lasting joy it provides ! :)

  8. magiceye, I guess with age cynicism grows to a certain extent, and somehow one becomes optimistic again! Cycle of nature? I am not sure!

    Kavi, wish you many more such moments in 2010.


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