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Saturday, December 19, 2009

69. Fullness in Emptyness

I generally avoid reaching Pune early morning. There are reasons and experiences to arrive at this conclusion.
Once when I reached my residence, which was Staff Quarters of my workplace at 5.30 in the morning, the auto rickshaw driver asked me ‘only Rs. 300/-‘ . I was aghast. Because even with ‘half return’ charges, the amount could not exceed Rs. 120/-. My residential area was lonely then. The security guards were not at the entrance of the complex. There was no one on the road. When I started saying ‘no’ to that amount, the auto driver coolly said, “What if I snatch the laptop you are carrying? Remember that there is nobody to help you at this hour.” I was taken aback by the bluntness of that man. But ultimately I thanked him for clearly indicating the result. I did not want to lose laptop for saving a meager amount of hundred rupees. So, I gave him the money he wanted. He was happy and I was happy.
Long ago, Pune railway station had pre-paid auto booth. During those days this was monitored by a police constable. The customers had to pay only one rupee at the booth and the actual fixed amount once we reached the destination. Once when my train arrived Pune at 5.00 in the morning, I went to Pre-Paid auto booth. The police constable looked at me and enquired whether I was alone. Then he advised me to wait at the station for an hour. He kindly advised me to ‘have a cup of tea and purchase a newspaper; you will not understand how the hour passed’.
I was surprised and asked him what the problem was. During those days lot of passengers were looted by auto rickshaw drivers. So, he did not want to me to take any chances and wanted me to commute safely after 6.00. When the police is not sure about your safety and security, you are obliged to follow his suggestions.. for your own good!
And those who are compelled to sit at any station for hours know how painful the experience is.
With these kinds of experiences, I take care that I do not reach Pune early morning.
But the other day, Ahimsa Express, which reaches Pune at about 5.00 in the morning, was the only available option. I took the train reluctantly, but did not want to go and wait at Pune station. I decided to get down at Shivaji Nagar station for a change. I anticipated that the train would reach there at about 4.45, and there would be lot of commuters – catching the early local trains for Lonavala.
I alighted at Shivaji Nagar, lot many people also got down, so I did not realize what time it was. I do not use wrist watch. By the time I reached platform number 1, I realized that it was completely empty. All the people who had come by the train had gone out, and there was nobody to catch the next train. I looked at the watch on the platform and realized that it was just 3.30 in the morning.
That emptiness of the platform was attractive and peaceful. No, I was not frightened. The empty platform was so beautiful that I forgot that I was alone there. I had couple of deep breaths and the cool air was indeed refreshing. The dog that was nicely sleeping at the side of one bench opened his eyes and looked at me disinterestedly. No barking of dogs. No trains. No human interference. As if I was suddenly put into a mysterious world – where everything is known but looks strange. It was a visible illusion. It was a moment of completeness and calmness. It was amazing to feel that even artificial human made things can be energizing at times. It was the moment which gave me lot of strength. Once again I realized that material progress does not necessarily contradict inner growth.
After about half an hour, crowds started pouring in. The tea stall and the newspaper stall opened. The trains started coming in and going out. The world became normal. It took some minutes for me to adjust with that emerging world.
That emptiness had so much fullness. I will always remember this experience when I struggle with contradictions in life!


  1. "..That emptiness had so much fullness..."

    Wonderful. Dropped in here from Kavi's.

    Its the mental comfort of being in a known place, during an unusual time period. You are alone, but still not alone. ....

  2. Is it the aura of the place? May be aura of Pune Station is bit negative and that of Shivajinagar is energizing?!

  3. hey! i came back after really long time....!!
    It feels "full" now that i am reading your blog after long time!

    the feeling of fullness that you have described here....came back to me while i revisited your blog!!!

  4. amazing! emty space is always full of healing energy.it was really an enlightening experience.

  5. Thanks Ugich Konitari. Yes, I too read Kavi's blog regularly. I guess I was at the station at an unusual time and I did not expect it to left to myself alone :)

    Nutan, aura? I am not sure about it. May be, may not be!

    Anunja, welcome back. You are here after a long time and I really missed your comments. I hope this fullness of yours is not due to emptiness of the blog :)

    Nutan, I did not know this - I mean empty space has a healing energy. I will keep on searching for empty spaces now!!

  6. You do not wear a wrist watch ! I was just wondering how it would be to just be in the flow, not knowing the time and such else. It would be quite something. Isnt it !

    Empty stations have a way of reinforcing for me, the beauty of the journey and the relativeness of the destination !

    Brilliant writing. Keep it going !

  7. That was well written..I could feel myslef standing in the station and enjoying that cool air.
    No wonder its true that smaller things make our life.

  8. you describe emptiness in a very rich way.
    thanks for sharing your thoughts..

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  10. Kavi, so many people around have wrist watch that I have long back stopped having one. Yes, sometimes it helps me to just go with the flow!

    dilontherocks, yes, such small unexpected moments have a very big impact on us.

    sachin, thanks. I guess, it is the habit of finding out richness that is important in life.

    Sojo, yes, I am following blog-a-ton. Will see how it works this time.

  11. emptiness had so much fullness

    matter of perception..

    loved it!

  12. magiceye, hmm.. it is matter of perception of course!


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