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Saturday, June 20, 2009

43. Rainbow...

Today I woke up with a smile. That is a sure sign of a good dream (and a good life…). Yes, I had a very fantastic dream. I was holding a rainbow in my hands… I was touching it; I was feeling it and I had an intense conversation with it. I was full of joy, smile, happiness, fullness…

Most of my dreams are illusionary and are born out of wild imagination. But this dream was very close to reality. Yes, yesterday I was face to face with a rainbow….

Yesterday was a routine day. That is what I thought, when it began. I was traveling to a remote area in Sahyadri ranges with my colleagues for official work. After the work was over, we visited a spot.. a huge water-body. The sky was cloudy enough to raise hopes for rains, but the rain has not visited this area yet.

And I see a whirlpool of water and amazingly beautiful rainbow at a ‘hand stretch’ distance. I could touch it and feel it.

Life is all about impossible becoming possible. What excites me most is, I hardly play any role in it when it happens. It is a gift to me… without any expectations, without any compulsion to return the favors… I am completely free of burden of ego when I am with Nature. Nature makes me what I am and it accepts me without grudge.

Human relations are mostly about ‘Give and Take’. You are expected to return gifts, favors, compliments, money, care… everything that you get from others. If you don’t pay back, you are labeled as a traitor, a ruthless person. Don’t get influenced even if you are treated exclusively and exceptionally well…. That only means you will have to pay exceptional price, you will suffer exclusively.

What I like about Nature is: it never claims to be doing anything for me, but it gives me immense joy. Nature is not bothered about my actions and reactions. It allows me to make my choices… the Sun rises and sets without even bothering whether I am watching it or whether I am satisfied with it. The rain comes and goes… I cannot command and I am not commanded, I cannot demand and I am not demanded, I cannot expect and I am not expected to do anything …. The Nature and I just co-exist, we just live together, we just happen to be in the same ‘time and space’ framework. Even if l decide to live without Nature, it does not emotionally blackmail me…. It can very well do without me. That gives me a rare freedom. That gives me opportunity to ‘take off’ my ego for a while. That makes me Infinite. The duality vanishes and everything becomes ONE.

I am lucky enough to have this ‘rainbow’ kind of life. I am lucky enough to have everything that I have and everything that I don’t have…..

Sometimes I wonder whether this whole life is nothing but a DREAM….. Like that rainbow a colorful DREAM

Just out there for its own sake…..



  1. Simply great!!
    Very beautifully written!
    You have expressed everyone's feeling,I don't know but at least my feelings in a very neat,beautiful way.
    Keep it up.

  2. Life really is a dream. So we can always imagine it in the most beautiful way possible to us....
    you seem to be doing just that....

  3. Can't believe this. Is it digitally re-mixed? I know you won't cheat us like this, but still asking....


  4. Thanks Anonymous for the compliments.

    Yes, Sandhya, what I have learnt through this blog is the more personal I write, the more universal I find it to be... that is indeed great.

    Anunja, hmm... yes, it is all about capacity to dream..

    Vivek, no, it is not re-mixed digitally...

  5. Very true. Mother nature does not demand anything from us while giving away everything she can. That is the beauty of nature. The more we love her, the more we get from her .


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