Evening at Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, May 2015
and so does everything around... the situation, the people, the perspective, the needs.... and we too change.... the wise and courageous seek change.. because only change is constant!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

41. After the Rain….

It happened only yesterday afternoon. The whole day, I was working on a project budget with my colleague. It was 7th or 8th draft, so we were tired enough. The calculations had to be checked and re-checked. My workstation is not ‘off the road’. So, I cannot see anything outside. I would love to have an open space to work, but well, it is not so.

Amidst all those figures, I suddenly smiled. I said, “Ah! It is raining…” There was no sound of rain, no smell of rain, but still I could feel the rain outside. May be because I was born in July, I love rain. It rains within me, when it rains outside. The rain touches my soul.

Whatever good childhood memories I have, all those are associated with rain. I was brought up in a rain-shadow area. So, I guess, there was not much of rain. But whatever it was, it filled my life.

My childhood house had a tin roof. So, when it rained in the night, there was a typical sound of the drops falling on the tin. I would somehow always be awake when rain came.. Whether at two or at six in the morning. Everybody around me, almost the whole world around would be asleep, only the rain accompanying me. Many nights I opened the door without making any noise and tried to catch rain in my hands. I tried to quench my thirst with the fresh water. Sometimes I got myself drenched in the rains and then sat all the night on the floor happily… feeling the rain all over me and integrated within me.

When it rained during day time, the sky changed its colors. Many evenings the golden Sun after the rain melted in my eyes, making me light. It was as if I could travel to different worlds with the help of those mystique golden sunrays. I would soak my feet into the small water pools. The trees would be fresh - like a just bathed baby - after the rain, and I would touch the leaves very softly. The thundering and lightening accompanying the rain brought a great excitement. There was some world unknown to me, but it brought its joys and beauty to me through rain. I loved rain more than anything.

Slowly when I grew, I became more attracted to rain. Many cycle trips in the rain in Pune, a walk on Pondicherry beach in torrential rains, windy rain in Mumbai, monsoon treks with clouds in your hands, rain in Tamhini, rain in Satpuda, rain in Himalayas, …. I have innumerable memories of rain. With rain I change, with rain I live, with rain I smile....

Though nowadays with rain comes the feeling that so many people would be displaced and so many poor and homeless would be distressed…

I am happy that monsoon is approaching. For next few months I would have hardly any time to be unhappy and I will not at all be stressed. Because at every corner, there would be the sky full of rain or at least a promise of rain.

I come home, physically exhausted but with mental vigor… and the sky is teasing me to interpret the meaning of life…. the clouds act as if we are strangers to each other….

After the Rain…life becomes more beautiful, more meaningful, more original…

(Note: All these photos are taken with a Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot mobile 2 mp camera on the evening of 5th June 2009 from my residence balcony – of course by me!)


  1. you mean it is 'pune' sky? wow! wonderful....

  2. it is sky? or river?


  3. You are not only good at writing, expressing yourself, but also good at photography. I sometimes feel, you are so lucky that you can enjoy your hobbies.

  4. It is nice to read this write-up.


  5. Beautiful pics....keep on loving rain ...

  6. Your writing has a nice quality- Like the "pitter patter" of rain on a tin roof on a quiet early morning- It can make you thoughtful..
    So, congratulations again!

    Problem with most of us in development sector is- because of our occupation we become good at writing summary reports- objective, giving essence and to the point- We become incapable of describing things in an unhurried way, savoring details, bringing out nuances..

    You seem to have broken that barrier.. Good!
    Keep it up.


  7. Anonymous, yes, it is 'Pune' sky..

    Sham, no it is not river, but I guess it looks like so.

    Thanks Puja for compliments. I have always been lucky enough to get to do what I want to do.

    PKulkarni, thanks.

    Anonymous, yes, we all need to love not only rains but all aspects of nature.

    Sachin, thanks. It seems that I have been able to escape the 'development' psychology after all .. so I too feel good.

  8. Even I am born in July and even I love rain. But my love is not as unconditional as yours. When I am wearing something new, I usually don't like rain. But in every other case, I love it.

  9. Sanket, gald to know that you belong to 'July Club'.. all these people in India have more chances to love rain.. that is my superstition of course!


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