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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

212. People and their Hero

We, the People need heroes. The word hero includes heroines – role model, idol.  

Whatever we might do when real life situation demands, ideally we like to worship a hero. That gives us weird satisfaction of being secure, of being worthy followers.

The more heroes:  the better.

In case there are more heroes, we easily establish hierarchy amongst the existing heroes – to each one his/her own is our principle. We fight on points like ‘whose hero is better’?
Mind you: “mine is always the best”

We can present arguments in favor of our hero and go to any length to criticize the non-hero.

We the People can make heroes and We the People are capable of dumping heroes. We the People are powerful than Government, Bureaucracy, Judiciary and Media imagines; or would like to imagine.

If there are no real life heroes, we take on cricketers, film stars, political leader, whosoever is available; even we choose our boss - we manage our hero worship hunger by compromising with our values.

We like heroes who are simple. We like heroes who are poor. We like heroes who are naïve. We like heroes who do not have power. We like heroes who give us a chance to shout slogans, to be on the roads with candles, to clap, to laugh, to cry, to do some kind of activity which we had hardly done in personal life. We like heroes who awaken sense of being part of ‘history making epoch’ in our life – because otherwise there is nothing exciting in our life.

We don’t like our hero to be criticized. We forget that others too have right to express, howsoever different that opinion might be. But we tend to call them traitors, we doubt their intentions, we say that they are trying to break our unity.

It is always interesting to throw stones on others. After all we have chosen them as our representatives, so we have every right to thrown stones and de-throne them. Don’t ask us why we were not aware of their weaknesses; we are emotional people and we believe a charismatic leader with the hope that s/he would make everything easy for us.

We like to be part of a process which changes others, which threatens others. There is no other joy than watching a powerful person wilt against higher power.

Now don’t ask questions like - what about my responsibility? What about changes in my life? What if tomorrow my hero invites everyone to take an oath?

For example, if my hero asks me to:

1.   Never bribe a traffic cop when my two /four wheeler is picked up from a non-parking area.
2.   Pay full taxes without hiding any income.
3.   Not to pay anyone extra amount to get train ticket, movie ticket, passport, job, and berth in train journey etc.
4.   Neither ask for nor give dowry.
5.  Not pay donation for my child’s education, if that means my child would study in poor municipal corporation school, so it be then.
6.   Not join any tuition or coaching classes - because this is another way of spoiling education system.
7.   Not approach any politician to help me from punishment for breaking laws.
8.  Not accept money for voting a particular candidate or not voting in any elections – even my residential society elections.
9.   Not use office telephone for my personal calls/ I will not use office computer for personal work like searching new job or playing games.
10.  …………………
11.  ……………………….

I am sure, the moment our hero starts putting such demands; we will turn and find another hero.

There is no dearth of heroes around.

"We the People" are Powerful!


  1. Hero or Guru ji, in a different way, it is equally true for those who seek "spiritual" guidance :)

  2. I would borrow the implementables (for me) from your list & put up a msg on whatsapp groups just as an experiment. Let's how the people in my groups react or don't react.

    1. Good idea. Please, do share the feedback with me; whether good or bad does not matter!


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