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Sunday, May 4, 2014

210. Hope

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I have lost sleep, peace, and happiness.

Is it illusion or reality?

They are all screaming around; constantly; without break.
Each one wants to win in the end; each one wants to live long.
Each one of them wants success, love, security, wealth and fame.
Each one of them wants a bigger space, a bigger role, a larger than life image.

They are too many.  
They are threatening me.
I am scared.

But we cannot move on like this.  

I hope The Page Will Turn automatically.
Once again I will gain control over the characters in 'my' novel.

I hope. 
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  1. Wonderful post mam... short, deep and crisp...
    I felt one good thing about this post - it is very important for the characters of a novel to speak out loud and converse properly amidst themselves for a noteworthy novel... and that's what defines a good writer as well...

    ATB for BAT

    1. Thanks. To deal with characters is a real challenge for a writer - just thought of sharing glimpses of the process.

  2. Nicely put. I can understand the feeling very well. ATB for your novel :)

    A Number on a Piece of Paper

  3. That's something amazing I just read :)
    All the best!

  4. Wonderfully put. The characters do seem to live a life of their own.

  5. Aativas,

    It is very important for a character to speak with the reader and lead the story. And for every character we create, they feel that they want to lead with a hope that readers will like them.. Awesome Post.. Good luck to you!

    Someone is Special

  6. Very nice and crisp post Aativas...Conflict of character's creator with the character itself is very common...I wish you all the best... :) Cheers!

    That’s where I blog, you are invited


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