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Sunday, November 4, 2012

183. Celebrations

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They were coming one by one.
Everybody tried to hide the anxiety. However, the process of hiding revealed their emotions more than they themselves would have expected.

“Everybody here?” asked Nanda, knowing that one was still missing.
“Wait for Bachchan, see he is there, waiting for the signal,” Haveli pleaded.

They all waited for Bachchan – a five year boy.
Bachchan came running to them with great joy.

“Let us go behind the school, there would be nobody,” Khan gave a sort of order and everybody followed.
They were all smiles and walked silently behind the big building everybody called school. Many children came to that building every day. However, today the building carried a deserted look.
They huddled together, the taller pulling the shorter, the elders holding hands of youngsters. Everybody had something in one hand and they were trying to hide it from others.

“Ok, now all close eyes.” Nanda  said.
“I won’t” protested Kandya.
Khan put his right hand on Kandya’s head. “Nobody will take your treasure,” said Khan and everybody laughed loudly.

“I will say Ram, Seeta, Hanuman three times. Until then everybody keeps eyes closed. Third time when I say Hanuman, we open our hands and show our gifts to all ….” Nanda was the Didi of the group.

They all waited. Nanda gave the instructions. They opened their eyes and showed their treasure to others.

Nanda had a half torn box with three pieces of Laddu. Khan had found some crackers. Haveli had a box of Chiwda. Bachchan was luckier – he had received a ten rupee note. Kandya was amused by his gift – a packet of wafers with only two pieces in it.  Nani had received Bakarwadi. They enthusiastically watched all the gifts.

“Let us celebrate”, said Bachchan and everybody laughed. They ate whatever was available.
“What next?” asked Mintu.

“Now, we will move to that bigger signal, where more than four roads join and there are more cars on that road. Only people in car give gifts, remember,” Khan shared his experience.

“So, we will celebrate again?” Bachchan asked with all innocence.
“Boy, for one week, we will continue to celebrate, don’t worry,” Nanda assured him.

They moved towards the next signal.
The kids ignored and deserted by their parents, harassed by the police, snubbed by the car owners….
The kids half hungry, abused physically and verbally…
The kids with torn clothes and without bath for days …
The kids fighting with each other to catch attention of the commuters on the road…
They too celebrate Deepavalee ….in their own way.

The celebrations will continue for a while.

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  1. Beautiful story, beautifully told!

  2. ...
    Do not know how to comment...
    Reading this, just after planning a grand diwali celebration for my family and friends.....
    maybe I could plan again... cut down a bit....

  3. Anu, sorry for spoiling your fun!
    However, you don't have to 'cut down a bit'..

    Maybe you could include some of these kids in your plans. One smile on their face would definitely enhance your celebrations.

  4. Touching and makes you think!
    Beautifully narrated story!
    All the best for BAT, Savita :)

  5. Absolutely, they too have their Diwalies in their own ways. The curbs of a Capitalistic society?

    Do stop by my blog! I'd love your comments & visits!!

  6. Kappu, one of the curbs of the Capitalistic Society!!

  7. Whatever works.... bottom line is survival. :)) Beautifully narrated!

  8. Pains to think how some people are left to celebrate the festival when some of us spend lavishly without thinking of others. Nice post :-)

  9. Thanks Ashwini for your kind words and understanding of the issue presented.

  10. Very very good narration..It almost made me cry.. May this Diwali no one sleeps with an empty stomach.. Sorry for the delay.. Happy Diwali.. :)

  11. Thanks Ayushi. Let your wish come true ...


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