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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

163. World of JH

Oscar is a socialite. He likes to attend various social meetings in the town.
When the door is left open, Hamish runs away from the surgery and sits patiently waiting after reaching home.
Judy the nurse, dutifully watches everyone. She is always there to attend the ill.
Gertrude gulps two gallons of beer.
Bobby is a picture of massive muscle power.
Skipper is stunned by the death of Jingo and almost gives up his life too, only to be revived by presence of another young one in the family.
She is hiding her new-born baby.

What am I talking about?
Last few days, after reaching home from, I did not do anything but spent my time with those whom I have mentioned above.  
It does not matter that Oscar is a cat, which was found by a girl and brought to surgery.
I forget that Hamish is a Dog of a retired school teacher.
I have not mentioned that Judy is Eric Abbot’s sheepdog taking care of ill bullock and small chickens.
Gertrude is sow who has is just not allowing her newly born baby’s to come near her. The baby’s would die if it the mother continues to behave so.
Bobby is a splendid horse belonging to Mr. Mount.
Skipper and Jingo are two dogs.
There are not only cats, dogs, cows, horses, pigs.
There are interesting human beings as well.

Who would forget Tristan’s pranks? And his brother Siegfried?
The benevolent Mr. Barge with his Soothitt; Mr. Hollin the farmer with traditional wisdom; Mr. Mount with probing grey eyes; the overconfident Mr. Seth Pilling who had to eat his words; Mrs. Ridge who was happy even when her car was stolen because her dog Joshua barked at the thief; how lonely James feel along with number 87 of Mr. Blackburn; Paul Cotterell who appears so strong and James thinks that nothing touches Paul deeply.. how he commits suicide after his dog Theo had to be put to rest;    how blindness of dog Digger helps Andrew to come out of the dark phase of life…

There are stories after stories. Enchanting stories of the world of Darrowby .. World of Yorkshire.
As seen by James Herriot.


  1. Its such a pleasure reading your soft, light blog.

  2. Even I loved the stories of Herriot. For so much time, I regreted that I had not gone to vetrinary college instead of medical college and I used to daydream being a vet doctor in a zoo! :)

  3. Thanks Bk Chowlajee, Sunilbhai and Rajeshjee.

    Sunilbhai, I know many 'Vets' who are actually into Management and Administration .... They hardly 'see' any animal. I guess you are better placed than those!

  4. I am following your blog. You have a talent! This was a wonderful read with my morning cuppa!


    P.S Thank you for your comment on my blog Discovering Happiness Now.

  5. Aurindamjee, Thanks and Welcome.


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