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Saturday, March 5, 2011

121. Change

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Is it a story? Is it reflection? Is it philosophy? Is it weirdness? Is it dream? Is it silliness?
I do not know.
I have a definite message to give you.
You have a choice to label my effort. And you have a choice to label me as you like. 

No, I am not a prophet. I am neither God nor Ghost. If I say I am not a human being, you will assume that I am Alien - which in a way is right but not completely right.

My message is brief.
All I want to say is: Be ready for Change.
It can happen at any moment.
It will happen with anyone of you and each one of you.

I am smiling.
Actually, I notice it because I am smiling after a long time.
I am smiling at myself, not at you. So I hope you won't mind.

To be honest, I had always thought that after this unavoidable change, I would be less confused.
However the confusion remains.
Only problem is:  I do not know whether now I am capable of a feeling called  'confusion'.
For that matter, I am not sure whether I am capable of feeling anything.

Even after this biggest change, I cannot communicate to you.. I can not reach out to you.
Everything else might have changed, but this 'not being able to reach out' remains intact.
But as I said, it no more hurts.

Ha! Ha! I am communicating this confusion of mine to you, I understand.

I do not remember what I felt when I entered this world.
Nothing inhuman in it, as nobody remembers.
Seers and Spiritual stalwarts have said something about that moment of 'being born' , but rationally speaking it is all speculation.
Imaginative. Creative. Right; but after all just speculation.
What the Seers say is probable, but one can not vouch for its truth.
Human beings have selective memory, they remember only what they want and can hide everything else under the carpet.
If something is not remembered, that does not mean that it was never lived. Life is much broader than memories.

Just like 'the moment of birth' Seers, Poets and Artists have expressed the moment of 'Death' in different ways.
But that too is just speculation.
Nobody knows what human beings think and feel when they die.There is no general knowledge (as all human beings cannot be thinking the same) and no one can know what an individual thinks!

People always ask about 'what did s/he speak last?' to understand what the person might be thinking while 'getting' (or is it 'being'?) dead.
But this is based on the assumption that the brain of the person on the deathbed is fully functional and there is also an assumption that brain is logical.
Nobody will ever know what the person thinks when the last moment arrives.

Why I am talking of life? As if it is some distant phase? As if it is my past?
That is because, for me everything has suddenly changed.
The burden is over.
The journey has ended finally.
I am feeling ('feeling' again! Words are meaningless sometimes!) light.
I am completely relaxed.

The old binding exists no more.
The old relations exist no more.
The old ways of responding exist no more.
The old dreams and expectations exist no more.
The old resistance exists no more.
The old fear exists no more.
The old me is not there at all.

There is no pain, though you might be still discussing my pain.
There is no opinion, though you might remember me for my strong opinions.
There are no likes and dislikes, though I confess that once I was very adamant about those.
There are no more associations, though you might have those in your memories - me and the places, me and the objects, me and the other people, me and you.
There is nothing to hold on, nothing to possess,  nothing to own, nothing to feel bad or good about.

I thought - meaning when I lived - that I would know when I leave this body for ever.
Now I have no body, I have no mind.I have no intellect.
No wonder that I cannot reach out to you.
Actually in your day to day language, I am dead.

Don't be scared, I am not a Ghost.
I do not exist except in your memories.
You can talk about Soul and Life after Death kind of stuff, but to be frank  your ideas and your language is irrelevant Here and Now.
Again the words I used 'Here and Now' are misleading - they suggest that I am in some kind of Space and Time Frame - which I am not.

Change happens in different ways. Creation, Growth, Reduction, Expansion, Contraction, Decay, Destruction, Turn Around .. are all different ways of Change.
However,  Transformation is a totally different kind of change - it is not logical and not just  biological.

I want to tell you something about this Transformation, but as I said earlier - I am not able to reach out to you.
There is no connection between us now.
There is no bridge.
I might be your memory, but you are not my memory, because I have no memory.
In the process of death, not only body vanishes, but the whole perspective changes.
It is a complete Transformation.

This Change can happen at any moment.
It is going to happen with each one of you.
It is one of the most certain changes.
However, it is one of the most unpredictable changes too.
This Change is constant though transient.

If you are well prepared (body, mind, perception etc.), this change does not hurt. There is no pain if one is well prepared.
I want to assure you that when the Transformation happens, it is not painful.
To use your language - Yes, as Lord Krishna told Arjuna - vaasaansi jeerNaani yathaa vihaaya - death is just like changing clothes.

Do not lament, do not grieve for me because I am dead.
Do not lament, do not grieve for me because I am not with you anymore.
Do not lament, do not grieve for me because some of my dreams were never fulfilled.
Do not lament, do not grieve for me because I could not share my last thoughts with you.
Do not lament, do not grieve for the things that were not communicated to me, that were not done for me .. becuase in the long run they do not matter at all.

Be ready for this Transformation, for this Change called DEATH.
Prepare yourself for this Transformation, for this Change.

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