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Saturday, October 16, 2010

106. Moment

Life seems to be a constant flow of moments.
Each moment is in a way independent, but collectively they make something called experience, memory.
The chain together shapes personalities, perspectives, attitudes, and the entity called life.

The moments are of despair, of pain, of joy, of happiness, of creativity of loneliness, of frustration, of passion, of detachment, of creativity, of what not.
They encompass so varied feelings and situations that it is difficult to provide an all satisfying definition or arrive at common understanding.

While living some moments, one feels that it is permanent, it will exist forever. One tries to hold on such moments. But they vanish. They disappear altogether. One cannot re-live those.

On the other hand, when one wants to forget some moments, they seem to haunt, they seem to highlight themselves. They seem to be there all the time, with more vigor every time one looks at them.

A moment has a very little life, and we give it longevity, by our choice.
A moment has a very little life, and we forget it immediately, by our choice.

The moment: when we make our choices.
The moment: when we decide how we are going to treat it.
The moment: when we detach ourselves from the past.
The moment: when we overcome pain and find ourselves a different person altogether.
The moment: when we forget and forgive.
The moment: when we do not expect anything from others.
The moment: when we cross the barriers and grow.
The moment: when we smile and move forward.

These independent moments weave together, make us and shape our life.
Like everything else around, life too is momentary.

Better to just have it. Fully, as far as it exists.


  1. It is weird as you have labeled the thought. But interesting too.

  2. Anonymous, almost all my posts could be labeled as weird!!

  3. Only indepth understanding can create such blogposts. This is a perspective of life from standing outside life. How simple and happy everything seems to be until the time we re-enter life.

    Appreciate your thoughts. Nothing weird, it's just that what is actually normal has become weird these days.

  4. Nandhini, welcome to Times Change. Thanks for sharing your ideas on this particular post and thanks for your appreciation.

  5. Hmmm. Deep stuff. Is this what they call Existentialism?
    Just joking! :-)

  6. Sachin, Existentialism according me to is bit pesimistic.. I might be completely wrong!

  7. Thanks for your support Zeal and welcome to Times Change


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