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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

8. Wednesday

I am not much of a movie watcher. I prefer reading books to watching movies, not because I am more intellectual – it is more convenient. One can open the book at convenience, and stop reading whenever one wants. It is an activity which you can completely control. On the other hand, for movie watching you need to depend on so many external factors that you get irritated most of the times.

If I ever get opportunity to watch films, I prefer Hollywood films for various reasons. They are for just one and half hours, they have variety of subjects, the treatment of the films is more realistic and funny. Most of the Bollywood movies are just re-makes – though I enjoy filmy music. I cannot continuously watch a movie for three hours. On television with added masala of advertisements, it takes four hours! Of course, if you spend time here and there in-between, you hardly miss anything. Most of the famous Bollywood films like Lagan, Tare Jameen Par…. (I do not even know the names!) I have either watched in installments or not at all watched. Watching movie in installments is a good trick. For example Lagan I watched in four different installments – each time, watch it for half an hour and then next part you watch when you have time and will.

My friend 'G' is trying to teach me film appreciation for the last few years. Whenever she comes across a good film, she insists that I watch it. Yesterday she visited my home just to lend me a copy of film ‘Wednesday’. When I learnt it was a Hindi film, I wasn’t much interested. But G knows my choices and preferences; I have always enjoyed her recommendations. So, I inserted the CD in my PC.

‘Wednesday’ is a film directed by Neeraj Pandey. Anumpam Kher and Nasiruddin Shah have the lead roles. If I share the story here, it will spoil your experience. A very good film indeed. It sort of awakens you and motivates you for soul searching. If you have not yet watched it, please, make it a point to watch it with family and friends.

While watching Anupam Kher in some such films (‘Maine Gandhi ko nahi mara’ was the other one I have seen recently), I wonder why he plays stupid roles in many films. He is such a talented actor, then why he does injustice to himself? I suppose we all do it. We have the potential to excel; we are satisfied with the mediocre life. We all have the qualities to surpass the normal expectations, but we take pride in being an ‘also ran’ kind of candidate.

To me, Wednesday denotes midpoint of journey. Half the week is over, and there is limited time to complete the promised tasks. It is time to enjoy the unexpected. It is time to decide what to run for and what to leave. It is time to be thankful for everything in life.

Well, if I can treat each day as Wednesday, good for me.


  1. well, its not so typical hindi movie. I liked the theme, presentation, subtle comments on media, politicians and many other parts of social worlds. acting of anupam & nasaruddin is superb.

    however I liked the 1st half than the 2nd one. in 2nd half it became slightly illogical and predictable (u think its self contradictory, don’t u? logic is predictable but I think its other way round in case of hindi movies. Most illogical movies are most predictable.) especially the end is typically unrealistic climax.

    any ways, I liked ur reflection on ‘Wednesday’ than the movie.

  2. may be because i do not watch hindi movies, the end was a sort of shock to me. yes, there are gaps - showing lack of common sense and 'realistic' logic - but in the end the message matters. the end is the product of the means - so violence can never end violence - history highlights this truth. but still shrikrishna made arjuna to fight! a puzzle i have been solving for years now!

  3. hmm...good movie indeed...I also liked the pace...
    this one is a lot faster than other bolly-flicks.
    Good movie like this is a rescue once in a while from our real lives...When sometimes real life seems to enact illogicities of bollywood....


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