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Friday, May 1, 2009

38. Any1 @ HelpDesk?

Fot th last couple fo weeks a uniqoe thisng is happeing with me. It is litlte strsnge.
Can u read it peroperly? I guest you ight not. I dma nto sure whjy it is hapenign and when it stated

(For the last couple of weeks a unique thing is happening with me. It is little strange. Can you read it properly? I guess you might not. I am not sure whey (why) it is happening and when it started. )

Somehow, when I type my fingers seems to be running lot faster than my mind …. Earlier it was the oher (other) way round.

Well, it is almost a decade now that I am using computer for at least 200+ days a year and 8 hours per day. I mostly use MS Word (70% of my work), MS PPT (20% of my work) and then rest is MS Excel. So it is not that I am not used to working in Word. Actually when I started working with computers, I downloaded Typing Tutorial, practiced it religiously. Now I can type with a speed of around 50 words per minute with just 10% of error. Well, that was the case before this stated (started( ) happening!

Typing tutorial helped me a lot. Earlier I had to look at the key board while typing and that created barrier in the thought processes. Now I can just look at the screen and keep on thinking and my fingers type. I have been able to separate the two actions ‘thiniking’ (thinking) and typing – maintaining minimum required connection. If some spelling mistake is there, MS Office is there to take care of. So, I could always finish my work faster, I could take ‘online’ notes of any meeting with ‘secretarial’ proficiency.

But somehow nowadays the bridge seems to be disappearing. Now you read the first two sentences in this post and you will understand how much corrections I have to make any document I type. Clearly, I am facing a problem.

I do not know whether I need to slow down my mind or I need to teach my fingers typing fast, or vice versa, tech (teach) the fingers to slow down and increase the speed of mind. I think the speed is not the problem. Recognizing the words with their intended meaning and typing it correctly are the two actions – which my mind is failing (here I typed ‘feeling’) to do simultaneously. And sometimes the MS office does not show the mistakes – I mean instead of ‘started’ if I type ‘stated’ or instead of ‘guess’ if I type ‘guest’ – nothing wrong according to MS Office. But that means I have to read the whole document word by word again! My efficiency has decreased becaous (because) of this.

I have a feeling that the fingers are trying to read the mind, decode the words (which is not their job) and hence the mistakes. Ashenden, Somerset Maugham’s ‘author-cum-spy’ character elaborates at one place: when he had to decode the message, he went on decoding each and every letter and never tried to read the message in between. Because, most of the time the mind jumps to conclusions, which are not meant to be there, and the mind tries to interpret things in that light (I was typig – typing -lift)…

Here instead of my mind, the fingers are jumping in between, decoding, and interpreting, taking lot of freedom. I am not sure whether body parts can think….but I have such a feeling

I need to learn from Maugham. And may (I typed ‘many’ here) be I really need to slow down… May be I need to stop using machine for a few days …. May be I am just exhausted and my fingers are giving me indication….May be, I should re-practice Typing turorial (I mean tutorial) again…. May be I should just laugh at it

Wht wuld you adicve me? (What would you advice me?)

Any1 @ HelpDeak? (HelpDesk?)


  1. It must be just a lack of concentration, because of some peculiar thought process in your subconscious mind. I think it happens with every one working in multitasking fashion.
    Our brain actually works like server-client networking of computers, one single processor attending a number of clients simultaneously, so fast that each client seems to be having its own processor. When the number of clients is increased beyond the server's limit, it slows down and then only the time lag and inefficiency is `sensed'. Lately, your server - brain - must have been engaged in some new additional activity - new client. Along with typing-thinking, it must be `processing something' at subconscious level. This additional duty might be causing disturbance in typing-thinking coordination. It happens with me during typing-thinking, cooking-thinking, walking-thinking etc. Sometimes I can d multitasking flawlessly and sometimes I just can't do, with no apparent reason. But on digging the problem deeper and deeper, I do find something that my brain was busy with.
    Are you thinking of changing your job, or residence or something which is major?

  2. Ur fingers R taking efforts to follow to your special mind ..........but they couldn't follow soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast.............mind etana chalata hai ki fingers couldn't follow .........bechare fingers

  3. and yes its true that our body parts have their own intelligence. every cell and atom has intelligence.
    it is scientifically proven.
    we do so many things thoughtlessly everyday, and do not even notice that our body is doing it for us without our command!
    a relaxing drink break is like thanks giving to our intelligent body parts! more lovingly i thank them, more my body obeys me!!

  4. do u have a family doc? i mean a someone who knows your health? does s/he read your blog? give me his/her id and i will forward the link....

  5. moNo blog since last fortnight? arb

  6. Yes, Nutan, I guess you are right about virus in the system. I slowed down, did everything with full concentration (i.e. typing words with understanding its full meaning and not just mechanically typing)... and the problem was solved. It was a temporary phase but your analysis gave me insights regarding where to look and what to look for.

    Ashlesha, bechare fingers... but yes now I have my mind slowed down... may be it is bechara mind now... having more capacity and acting with less efficiency to accommodate others is a punishment to the mind ... for all its crimes I believe...

    Anunja, during many moments I have really thanked my body... it works tirelessly, neglecting hunger, thirst, need for sleep... but I think just leap service won't do... we really need to respect our body and not overstretch something just because it's capacity to tolerate things much more... that is the lesson I have learnt

    Anonymous, yes, my doctor told me that he reads my blog... but he has not called me, so nothing serous I hope.. thanks for your concern

    ARB... I liked the word 'monoblog'... it is in real sense monoblog... I had given the explanation in the next post 'break'.... may be I just sensed what you was thinking to right here....

  7. I regularly read your blog. I like it very much. Your Idea of Marathi poems is very fantastic.
    I appreciate you very much

    Mina Kurlekar


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